In order to ensure we are able to provide quality service to all who can benefit from the Furniture Program in Central Indiana, the following policies have been adopted.

As a participant of The Mustard Seed of Central Indiana Furniture Program, I understand:

  • I┬ámay only receive furniture from The Mustard Seed of Central Indiana once in a lifetime.
  • I must contact an authorized referral agency prior to scheduling my appointment at The Mustard Seed warehouse.
  • I must call 317.572-5724 to schedule an appointment to visit the warehouse and pick up my furniture.
  • I must check in at the front desk when coming to pick up furniture to processing.
  • The furniture I am receiving is used and has been donated.
  • I may only select furniture items that are listed on my referral form and cannot select anything not on the form.
  • I must have a picture ID when I arrive at my appointment in order to pick up furniture.
  • I must bring a picture ID for every adult living in the home and social security cards or birth certificates for every child living in the home. Adults over the age of 18 living in the home, other than the partner or spouse, must obtain their own referral unless they are a child still under my care.
  • I understand there is a $100 donation fee to be paid by postal money order or cash on the day of my appointment, if picking up furniture. If furniture is being delivered, payment needs to be paid before furniture is delivered. Personal checks are not accepted.
  • I must have a permanent place of residence.
  • I must have a steady income (i.e. employment, unemployment, SSI, disability).
  • I must have a truck, U-Haul, or trailer hitch large enough to carry all of my furniture on the day and time of my appointment. Vans and SUVs are not permitted due to safety concerns. I cannot make multiple trips to the warehouse to pick up items. I should be prepared to load and tie down my own furniture.
  • I may be accompanied by up to two (2) people to help me load my furniture. If I do not have my own help, I will be charged an additional $20 for help from Mustard Seed employees.
  • Furniture delivery is available from The Mustard Seed for an additional $150.
  • A Mustard Seed employee will walk me through the warehouse, which will last up to 30 minutes.
  • No children under the age of 13 are allowed in the warehouse. Children cannot be left unattended without adult supervision.
  • I understand that not all items may be available in stock and that I may not receive all of the items on my list. If the items are not available during the time of my visit, I may not return at a later date.