Laurie’s Story


The Christmas Story of the Dining Room Table

Psalm 86:15 – But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.


A very elegant glass table with five stylish chairs came to the warehouse. Once upon a time this table had 6 chairs. Prior to arriving at Mustard Seed’s warehouse, the owners decided to put one chair outside with a sign reading ‘For Sale 6 chairs and dining table.’ Soon the chair was gone and the sign left behind. What is a dining table with one missing chair to do? Perhaps someone else could use the elegant table with one missing chair? The owners heard of an organization called The Mustard Seed of Central Indiana through a friend, Mary.

The owners were very gracious. In knowing more about Mustard Seed’s mission to help families have hope. The wife also gave a cherished crib that she was saving for her future grand baby . She said, ‘ By the time my son has a child he may want a different style. Maybe someone else needs it now?’ The wife also gathered other items as she gave from a heart of grace and hope. What a lovely woman! What a lovely family!

Well, the elegant, glass table and it’s five chairs exited one family to sit in a warehouse. A warehouse that stores gently used furniture, linens, pots & pans and so on. A place that is only a holding area for those furnishing’s next home.

What home would that be?

Escaping domestic violence is not easy. Laurie left her abusive husband with 2 special needs children. She was incredibly thankful to hear from a supporting church that The Mustard Seed was providing furniture. They no longer had to share one rocking chair and a mattress.

In the process, she lost her job but had kept faith that God would provide. Then one morning she received word that she had a job! As she prepared to go to Mustard Seed, she remembered how her counselor had told her that she was in the denial stage of her depression because she kept saying that God would provide. What a testimony she could share with that counselor of God’s provision!

Laurie’s friend was supposed to come with her but changed her mind. She told Laurie that she needed to make more decisions on her own. Choosing her own furniture would remind her that she was capable.

Queen mattress and bed frame, twin bed frame, dresser, couch, recliner, sheets and throw blankets. Now to choose a dining room table and chairs. Laurie had kept her eye on the elegant, glass table. It was lovely and extravagant! She walked by it and touched the fabric of the chair. It was more than she could every imagine to have.

The director said, “Do you like that table?”

Laurie replied, “Yes, but I don’t deserve something like this.”

“No, no,” the director answered. “If you like it, than take it. God does not give according to what we deserve. He gives exceedingly and abundantly. His love is extravagant.”

Laurie cried as the words ministered to her healing heart. “As you and your family sit at this table, let this table be a remembrance of God’s extravagant love to you, “ said the director.

The dining room table and four chairs are now at it’s new family’s home. It is cherished. It is an example of how God so loves the world- extravagantly, lovely, not according to what we deserve but abundantly and exceedingly according to His Love.

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
Thank you for being a blessing.

If you are curios as to where the 5th chair resides, come in for a tour. You will see it tucked in the corner of the Executive Director’s office. It is a reminder of God’s provision. God is providing through gracious people for the dream that is within her heart – to provide gently used furniture for individuals and families that need a reminder of God’s love. If someone needs one chair, it will be given away but in the meantime it’s a reminder of the generosity of God’s people.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!